Tuesday, December 4, 2007


X-posted from a planWorld entry:

I just followed a link to a Worse Than Failure entry, and the article was almost an exact description of my last employer. Well, not quite, since they programmed in Java and ended up reimplementing a half-assed version of Java, while the article is all SQL. But close enough.

Maybe it was a good thing that I left.

It's funny though, when I started my own company, I vowed I wouldn't make the same mistakes as my two previous full-time employers. And now I'm either making or have narrowly averted making at least a half dozen of those same mistakes. It's funny how easy it is to fall into those traps.

Note to people who are thinking of starting a software company: do not start out thinking "I'm going to build a platform for X." Because X will very quickly become "everything". And then you'll have a poor imitation of the programming language you used to build it.

At least I know a bit more about programming language design than my last boss did, and have a better idea of the tradeoffs involved. And Mike's been pretty good at reigning me in and saying "No, we're not going to support that, let's just get a basic game done and worry about extending it later." So hopefully we can find a happy medium where it's still usable to users without programming experience and yet can build cool things.

Since this is a private blog, I can get into a little more detail here. The resolution to my last blog entry was to abandon the idea of archetypes. Trajectories are just one type of stateful interaction that needs to be reset as the user edits the game, and different archetypes may have different ones (shields, for example, or other game properties). These would all differ in different archetypes, so there's no way to adapt the editor software to handle all possible cases other than to hard-code behavior for each into it.

Besides, coding up all the different archetypes would be a huge programming burden on me, and we just don't have manpower for it. Much of the code was shared between them, anyways, yet we have no facility other than our template-based shared libraries for writing routines that can be used by multiple archetypes. And it limited user freedom - if they wanted a hangman where the body parts moved and could be shot at, they were out of luck. This opened us up to user confusion, since given flexible enough customization, games could drift quite far from its original archetype. Users would be asking "Why can't we make this game do what we want, when this other one which is nearly identical can do it?"

So I ditched the idea entirely.

I haven't told Mike yet - normally we make all decisions by consensus, but in this case, the alternative is that we can't finish a real piece of software in a reasonable amount of time. I figure I'd just have to overrule him anyway on technical grounds, and I hate giving people a choice when we don't really have one.

Unfortunately, that means I've got to be doubly-vigilant about things getting too complicated and technical. So far the UI seems okay, and aspects of game design actually got simpler from this. But now I'm finding there are so many such aspects, and each has to be handled. The one that prompted the above blog entry was sprite creation - it's fairly easy technically (we've already got createAt/createOn/createIn actions that handle the various cases), but the UI offers lots of potential choices. Do we give a separate Creation tab for each sprite, where the user can specify where, when, and how many? Do we make it an action attached to a timer on the game? How do we handle randomness in creation?


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